Does This Sound Familiar?

  • Owner advances tremendous amounts of capital only to do it over and over again as Tenants come and go
  • Owner gives away free rent and concessions that can take years to recover leaving a minimal return on the lease investments
  • Both Owner and Tenant are forced to negotiate rental rates and terms today for tomorrow’s unknown needs, markets and rates
  • Assumes the Owner pays large commissions up front not only for its own interests but also for Tenant’s representatives for a full lease term that does not begin to return these costs for many years

The Launch Way

The Launch Workplaces model disrupts these old assumptions, turns them on their heads and creates an entire community of building stakeholders that are better off and more successful.

  • Launch significantly reduces capital costs over time – build it once!
  • Launch fills empty space with vibrant activity resulting in opportunity
  • Launch disrupts the “market” limitations and concessions, and replaces them with demand driven rents with little or no concessions
  • Launch spaces have an immediate return on investment
  • Perhaps most importantly, the stickiness of Launch builds excitement and loyalty!This occurs not just in Launch space, but in an entire building community. Launch members grow into Owner’s vacancy organically and existing tenants end up using Launch services, which all results in more successful and happier tenants for the Owner